Arman J. Vartian views every rug as an opportunity to share his ideas, vision and passion with the rest of the world. The hand-woven carpet was never just a profession – it was a form of art. When Vartian – The Carpet Company was founded in Vienna in 1922, it set out to work in traditional carpet weaving within a modern production environment. Since then, Vartian has released a number of collections that have helped define the art form itself.
Made by master weavers in Nepal, Vartian’s limited edition carpets are known for their highly complex designs and unique quality. Most notable is the Funky Heriz, from the Remixed Orientals collection.

Launched in 2011, it is a reinterpretation of the classic Persian Heriz pattern and is considered an international trendsetter in the world of contemporary carpet design. Another collection that has made Vartian a household name is the Painters Paradise Collection. As the name suggests, the collection is rich with a wide variety of color, making it the world’s most extensive carpet collection, carried out in cooperation with a number of leading visual artists.

Reading Vartian’s words about woven art gives us perhaps the most insight into the philosophy that drives the company’s creations, and the reason behind so much attention being paid to quality and craftsmanship. Vartian truly believed that carpets are much more than an object of decoration, and as he says, “Every carpet that leaves our workshop is as special as the person who beholds it, who feels it with his or her bare feet or simply sits on it.”