For more than twenty years, Erbil Tezcan has been a rug merchant and designer, working in every aspect of the business. When he finally decided to start his own brand, Wool & Silk, in 2009, it was inevitable that his work would take the world of woven art by storm.

From the onset, as the name of the brand suggests, Erbil developed a unique texture composed of Tibetan wool and silk, to best express his exquisite designs. Along with a special process which he developed himself, Erbil also introduced yak hair into his 2012 fall line, which garnered tremendous success.

Since the launch of Wool & Silk, the awards list has been growing every year, winning accolades at a number of trade shows for various collections and pieces in both the traditional and modern categories.

Erbil finds inspiration for his designs from many different avenues. He never knows what he might see in his everyday life that may inspire him. From Canada to Australia, a world of adorning fans await his next creation with great anticipation.