Michaela Schleypen admits that “floor passion,” is an addiction. The way her mind is challenged every step of the way pushes her to create floor couture and oversee every detail of its development, production and distribution. Michaela’s passion in interior design, and skill in creating three-dimensional experiences out of flooring, have enabled her to transform private interiors, yachts and hotels into fantastic yet intimate creations.

With 15 years of experience, stretching from Hong Kong to New York, Michaela realized her dream of becoming an internationally renowned carpet designer with the breathtaking ZEN design, a hand-tufted and hand-carved carpet resembling a Japanese sand garden, in all its beautiful detail.

Exhibited all over the world, the award-winning ZEN design was celebrated by internationally renowned interior design publications like Elle Decoration and Architectural Digest. The success of Zen catapulted Michaela’s career, which lasted over a decade as head of creative development for a globally acclaimed label. Eventually, Michaela’s passion for carpets culminated with her launching her own label: “Floor to Heaven.”