Jurgen Dahlmanns

Jurgen Dahlmanns approaches the world of hand knotted rugs with a unique and inspiring philosophy:  “To break the rules, you must first master them.” His contemporary interpretations of Tibetan and Persian rugs just does that. For almost 15 years, Dahlmanns’ Rug Star has created beautiful and memorable reinterpretations of classic designs and patterns. His work has garnered global attention, set creative trends and earned his firm many industry awards.

With a background in architecture, Dahlmanns creates rugs that combine beautiful aesthetics with precise technical features. Rug Star‘s rugs are adaptable, customizable, provide color, warmth and facilitate good acoustics. An understanding of these functions elevates Dahlmanns’ creations from floor decor to a functional addition to a modern space.

Having roots in 1960s’ West Germany, Dahlmanns brings a background of alternative education and a spirit of courage to challenge traditional boundaries. This history is seen in each and every one of his creations. His innovation and insight have transformed Rug Star into a leading international brand. With stores and retail partners from Beijing to Zurich, people around the world are able to experience first-hand Dahlmanns’ belief and driving passion: “A rug is the most liberal form of creating a space within a space without erecting obstacles.”

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